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I'm Omu and this is my art blog.
I just draw things and that's it.
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I'm also doing commissions! If you're interested please let me know. (I have to update my commission info though)

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S E N P A I. YOUR ART IS AMAZING. MOST AMAZING I HAVE EVER SEEN. And i study in an arts school ;u;
by Anonymous

(super late reply) I don’t know what to say ;w; thank you bby

your latest xiumin drawing is PERFECT T__T your style is awesome! i hope you'll draw him in the future again <3 and good luck on your other works!
by Anonymous

thank you!! ♥ I will definitely draw more of him 

i love you art!
by Anonymous

thank you :)

In welchem Bundesland wohnst du, wenn ich fragen darf?
by Anonymous

Ich wohne in Berlin~

Your Yoshimitsu is so great! The only character in Tekken with a weapon haha but I suppose all samurai respect their swords. He fits well in Soul Calibur though.
by Anonymous

Thank you :) I love him as a character in both games too even though I prefer the Tekken version of him

Hi, what programs do you usually use? Sorry if you've been asked this before, I only just started following and I already adore your art.
by Anonymous

I draw in Paint Tool Sai and I use Photoshop for everything else c: Thanks!