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I'm Omu and this is my art blog.
I just draw things and that's it.
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I'm also doing commissions! If you're interested please let me know.

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Anonymous asked: Your Yoshimitsu is so great! The only character in Tekken with a weapon haha but I suppose all samurai respect their swords. He fits well in Soul Calibur though.

Thank you :) I love him as a character in both games too even though I prefer the Tekken version of him

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Anonymous asked: Hi, what programs do you usually use? Sorry if you've been asked this before, I only just started following and I already adore your art.

I draw in Paint Tool Sai and I use Photoshop for everything else c: Thanks!

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hands practice

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yaoi-cthulhu replied to your post: Again I’m asking if anybody here knows…

I have one too. Do you still have what looks like some sort of pen holder that came with it? If you twist it open you will have all the nibs ever need.

wow thank you I completely forgot about that thing.. I’m a real dumbass

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Again I’m asking if anybody here knows about Huion tablets?

because my pen nib thing is loose and I can’t seem to fix it also google won’t help.. aaand I don’t have any replacement nibs. Anybody?

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I found an old thing in my notes

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othilaodal replied to your post: last one for now - my favourite charac…

omg i love him!!! ugh you made my day

aw yeahhh glad to find some yoshimitsu fans :D I played him and kunimitsu since the first games ahh love love

last one for now - my favourite character in #13

(with cheating at the contrast settings)

infectedcoffee said: Want that job

There’s no payment though..