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I'm Omu and this is my art blog.
I just draw things and that's it.
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I'm also doing commissions! If you're interested please let me know.

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warning: I get art blocks all the time

guy saved thomas from a bunch of dumbasses and is now happily waiting for him to return with band-aid and a lecture about how worried he was

So I reported Daftworld for his thievery because I’m officially done with this bag of dicks ya’ll should do the same seriously facebook is one of the most ignorant websites when it comes to reposts 

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Hey yo I made a facebook page so I can post wips and progress and whatever there in the future

(Because I don’t want this blog to be a clusterfuck of wips)

.. warm up with crydamoure

my (almost) daily work doodle today is a little manga panel redraw

Anonymous asked: hi, how do you go about creating colored works? i usually start with sketching out guidelines but then i'm lost on how to color. i use layers but i don't know if i'm doing it right... the sketch is always the lowermost layer, right? sorry for bothering, and i love your work ^^

Yeah the sketch is usually the bottom layer. You should try not to use too many layers because that can be a horribly confusing experience trust me. My layers look like this most of the time


There’s only one colour layer here but I mostly use two (one for base colour and one for details)

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Anonymous asked: hey, your paintings are fantastic! what tools do you use?

Thank you! I use Paint Tool Sai with some custom brushes and textures and a cheap Wacom Bamboo tablet (sometimes I use photoshop CS3 too)

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Anonymous asked: I adore how you draw Eren and titan!Eren. You make him so, so beautiful and handsome. Sometimes I look at your drawing of Eren with his titan hair and just swoon.


titan hair Eren is happy to hear that :v

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